Find a Spark

Everyone deserves a chance. That's what we think. There may be numerous people in the crowd that have a great concept but are not able to do anything because they either lack the resources or they lack the so called "connections". Find a Spark program is here to help such optimistic people who think that they have what it takes to be successful. 

Do you have what it takes?

You may think that you have a one in a billion idea that will make you millions. Well, you may not want to contact us about that. We help people who have something realistic, that helps society progress forwards. We love ideas that offer a solution to an everyday problem or help make everyday tasks easier. Remember one thing, every concept and every idea deserves to be heard - only a few deserve to be chosen.

How to Reach Out to us?

You can contact our Reach Officer @, attaching your basic idea, however basic it may be, with a proper introduction and how you conceived it. Do not worry if you have a very primitive set up, we understand. Just remember what we described in the "Do you have what it takes?" segment.


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