Batarang 1.0. Built to Last.

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Average spin time of 7.5 minutes

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The Construct

The Batarang 1.0 is exclusively encased in a Carbon Nitride Chassis that has ceramic bearings embedded into it. The ceramic bearings spin so smooth that you will feel the stress coming out of your hands through the spinner. The Batarang 1.0 is not a toy; it is a necessity. High stress jobs demand concentration, just try the Batarang 1.0, you will feel the difference

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Inspired by the Oldest Technology

The Batarang 1.0 uses technology that balances it in a unique way. The balance is so perfect that you can never feel even a cm out of symmetry.

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We believe in Quality. We always have.

We started out as a couple of developers in a small dorm. A lot has changed since then; but one thing will never change - Our hunger for fun. We created the Batarang 1.0 purely out of amusement. But, to really feel the joy of something, it has to set itself apart from the regular stuff. The quality of our spinner does exactly that for it.

"The silk feel of the Batarang 1.0 instantly reduces half of my stress and it spins like its held by air from both sides"

Philip, London

"I was excited to see this spinner. It really helps me release my stress after a hard day at work."

James, Stock Trader

"The best thing to have in my pocket. Whenever I feel I am getting stressed, I use it. My best companion. Definitely the best stress reliever I have ever used"

Chris, Student

"A mighty flame followeth a tiny Spark"

As we were a couple of college students who were trying to create something that inspired both of us, we faced a lot of challenges, and sometimes we felt helpless. We do not want someone else like us to feel helpless; that is why we are launching our "Find a Spark" program that will focus on helping people.

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